Tips for Staying Healthy During Menopause

Aug 10, 2023

Menopause doesn’t have to turn your life upside down. With these tips and personalized menopause management care, you can stay healthy and well during this transitional period.

It takes a year from your last period before you reach menopause, and there’s also the drawn-out process of perimenopause and postmenopause. All told, most women go through several years of largely unwelcome changes as their reproductive cycle comes to an end.

But you don’t have to just suffer through hot flashes and mood changes or brace yourself for potential long-term health issues like osteoporosis. As experts in menopause management, our all-female team of doctors and nurse practitioners works to help women thrive during menopause and beyond. 

If you’re perimenopausal, in menopause, or figuring out life after this transition, visit Burlington OBGYN Associates in Burlington, Massachusetts. We can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms, personalizing a whole-body menopause management plan for you. 

These are our top tips for staying healthy during this time.

Explore hormone replacement therapy

This option can help you weather menopause with fewer symptoms. That’s because hormone replacement therapy (HRT) replenishes hormones as your body’s production of them naturally slows down. 

By preventing the steep and sudden dropoff of key hormones like estrogen, we can help you keep symptoms — from sleep problems to hot flashes and mood swings to vaginal dryness — at bay. 

We personalize HRT to your specific hormone levels. Talk with your Burlington OBGYN Associates provider about this option and whether it might be right for you. 

Take care of your body

Menopause isn’t a time to let your healthy habits slide. In fact, during this season of your life, the National Institute on Aging specifically recommends:

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Getting enough vitamin D and calcium to support bone health
  • Getting or staying physically active
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Avoiding tobacco products

With these healthy lifestyle choices, you support your wellness during a time when your body can really use the help. 

You might want to implement some new routines, too, to maintain your sexual health and overall health. Using lubricant gels can help you take care of your body by preventing painful sex, for example. And periodic bone density scans give you a way to proactively prevent problems like osteoporosis. 

Take care of your mind, too

Menopause doesn’t just affect you physically. It also impacts your mental wellness. Many women experience anxiety and depression during this season of life. 

Talk with our team about any mental health changes you notice. With options from stress management techniques to antidepressants, we can help you address unwelcome mental changes. We can also work with you to make lifestyle adjustments — like ways to get better sleep — that support your mental well-being.

You don’t have to let menopause take a heavy toll on your physical or mental health. For personalized menopause management care, call our office or book your appointment online today.