When Should My Daughter Have Her First Gynecologic Visit?

Nov 01, 2023

Your daughter’s 13th birthday marks the start of a new season of life — one during which she should get regular gynecological care. Here’s what to know about that first appointment and when you should schedule it.

Watching your children become adolescents probably raises a lot of emotions in you. You might feel proud as you see them grow and become their own unique person. You might also feel worried that it’s getting more difficult to protect them.

If you have a daughter, though, she has access to a greater level of protection as she enters her teenage years. That marks the time to start gynecological care, which can safeguard her against a wide range of health concerns. 

Our all-female team of doctors and nurse practitioners welcomes you for that first appointment at Burlington OBGYN Associates. As specialists in adolescent gynecology, we know how to help your daughter feel as comfortable as possible at that visit — and how to use it to the biggest health advantage for her. 

So, when should she have her first gynecologic visit? Here’s what you should know.

When to make that first appointment

That 13th birthday doesn’t just mark your daughter’s transition from the pre-teen years. It also means you should start thinking about making her first gynecologic appointment. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that teen girls first see a gynecologist sometime between the ages of 13 and 15. 

Because most girls start their period around age 12, early teen gynecological care means they have a doctor involved if they experience issues like painful or heavy periods. It also means that your daughter can start building a relationship with her gynecologist. 

This helps her feel comfortable so she can ask her doctor questions about her body as it changes through adolescence. 

What to expect

We strive to make your daughter’s first gynecologic appointment as comfortable as possible. One of our friendly specialists completes her physical exam and talks with her about any questions she may have. 

If your teen daughter is worried about a Pap smear, you can put her mind at ease. Unless early screening is recommended — for example, if you have a family history of cervical cancer — the ACOG doesn’t recommend starting routine Pap tests until age 21.

We tailor your daughter’s care specifically to her through the years. We can provide vaccines to defend against common health risks, partner with her on nutrition education and healthy weight management, provide birth control prescriptions and STD testing when she becomes sexually active, and so much more. 

To schedule your daughter’s first gynecologic appointment, call Burlington OBGYN Associates at our office in Burlington, Massachusetts, or book an appointment online today.